Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hey there Family,
Yesterday was memorial day so obviously I am emailing today.
Yesterday I went bowling for pday. I did pretty well actually. I got a 123 and a 134.
This week was pretty good. We were able to set a date with one of our investigators named Loren. He is a super shy person and I am not sure how converted he is, but we set the date far enough away that I think he will be ready by then. He had to give up medical marijuana. That was one of our main concerns with him, but when we talked about it with him it turns out that he hasn't had any for about a year. That was sweet to hear.
We also were able to have an epic lesson with an investigator named Nancy. She is part of another church and she said that she had already been baptized by her pastor. Obviously I told her about the priesthood and how she needed it for the baptism to be valid. I committed her to ask her pastor where he got his authority, because if it wasn't given to him by god, then it wasn't valid. She said that I gave her a lot to think about. I have a good feeling that she will follow through with it and I'm excited to hear her experience with her pastor.
Also, I got our car stuck in a ditch. Luckily we weren't there more than 5 minutes before someone drove by that towed us out. That was sweet. God is for sure watching out after us!
We also picked up a new investigator this week named Evette. Turns out that it is another like Kasey in my last area. She is living with her member BF and they aren't married because he is still not completely divorced yet. That should soon be resolved. We taught her the first lesson and she said that she already knew all of it. No concerns or anything. That was awesome.
Anyway, I love you
Elder Udy

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hello Family,
This week has been pretty good. I was able to meet a lot of the investigators in our teaching pool and a bunch of the less actives. Also, I went to ward council for the first time in this area. We are working with some really sweet people. This one girl Amy that we are working with has been taught twice, but none of the lessons. We saw her last night and she agreed to be baptized. That was sweet. I can't wait to see what happens when we actually start teaching the lessons next time. Also, we had the lesson at a members house and the wife of the family became like best friends almost instantly with our investigator and they live across the street from each other. Nothing better than that! We had to leave that night for curfew, but our investigator stayed at the members home even after we left. I don't know how long, but either way. That's some awesome fellowship.
Last Monday we went golfing on P day. Elder Awtry is a super good golfer. He worked at a golf course for 3 years before his mission. He said that I didn't do too bad and that I was his best student so far. We went to the driving range for a couple of hours. I gained a new respect for pro golfers.
This week we had dinner with some members and instead of giving them a message at the end we role-played with them on how to invite their friends to church. It was super funny to watch the kids do it along with the other adults. Then of course Elder Awtry and I did it to show them. It was a good time.
I also went on an exchange this week with my district leader, Elder Crockett. We did some good teaching and learned a lot from each other. He is a super good missionary. I feel like some of the seeds we plant other missionaries will reap the rewards from later.
Oh also, this week we lost our phone. When we were ending the exchange that night my companion left the phone on the car and we drove away. We went back there the next day to look for it, but it wasn't there. That same day someone from the mission office drove out to our apartment to give us a new phone with the same number. How blessed are we!
That's about it. Love, Elder Udy
People From my last area. The Chandlers (bishop)
 Bro Edson (Assistant Ward mission Leader)
 The Stuskawicks (Awesome)

Monday, May 13, 2013

April 13, 2013


It was fun to talk with you yesterday.

Elder Awtry has been in Canby for only 6 weeks more than me so we are both pretty new to the area. We get lost a lot because neither of us have a GPS. I only have a map. This area is on the grid system mostly so it isn't too bad, but there are a lot of streets that don't go all the way through. Also, there are two of every street. The Main street is called 99E that goes through the area. On either side of it are the Avenues. There are avenues 1-16 on both sides of the main road so you have to know whether it says NW or SE Avenue. On top of that there are Courts for most streets that are dead ends. Those throw everything off.
Last week we taught two lesson, which is unusually low for this area (so I have been told). Normally there are about 7 investigator lessons a week. I can't wait to meet everyone. We were supposed to have two lesson on Mothers day, but one cancelled and the other was a no show. I hate when that happens, but nevertheless it does more often than not. Both the investigators that I have taught so far came to church on Sunday so that was sweet.
This week we are hoping to teach a ton of people. We have like 8 investigators that I haven't met yet so this should be a good week.
This area seems to have a lot more people that are relaxed and laid back then in West Linn.
Anyways, I love you.
Elder Udy

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Hello Family,

I got transfered to a new area along with a new companion. I am in a place called Canby, Oregon. My new companion is Elder Awtry. He is a super cool guy and there is a ton of work going on here. Apparently this is a high teaching area. Kinda the opposite of my last area.

Elder Awtry is really into cars and photography. It's funny cause he points out all the sweet cars as we are driving. Yes, I am still the designated driver. Elder Awtry has been out for 14 months so I'm sure that I will learn a few things from him. It's going to be an exciting transfer.

Canby reminds me of one of those old town cities. We cover a huge area. There are still a lot of trees, but not nearly as many as in West Linn.

Tell Jenna thanks for the email. I loved hearing from her. 

Oh, and yes all those falls were separate falls. It was a hike that we went on that follows the riverside almost exactly. Along the way we saw all those falls. Every picture I sent was a different waterfall.

I love you all.

Elder Udy