Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Hello family,

Unfortunately, Dolly was not able to keep her baptismal date due some felonies she has made in the past that we didn't know about. She has been talking to the bishop about it, but ya that is a story in itself. Crazy things are happening with her.

I did get your package last Monday night right after I emailed. I also got grandpas box. Be sure to thank him for me! I will send him some mail about it also though. I didn't get any mail from the stake clerk though. Oh duh, almost forgot. THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE MOM & DAD!!! I haven't opened it yet. I will tomorrow though. I'm excited. I did open grandma and grandpas box though, because they never told me not to wait until Christmas. HA HA!

GOOD! I'm glad chad is filling out his papers soon. He will love it. Tell him to start reading the BOM.  All the missionaries call it the bomb when talking with other missionaries. it's funny, but tell chad not to call it that until he gets here. Also, tell chad that he better send me a letter soon!!! I want one from him before the end of December!!!

Our sacrament meetings were both full of music. The best thing ever. I sang in both ward choirs even though I only went to one rehearsal in one of the wards. It was pretty easy stuff though. The director is a music major at some college so he made it fun, but also helped us sound good. Probably one of the best ward choirs I have been in. The average age was about 36.5. The other choir was a normal ward choir of old people. They were both fun though.

Umm tomorrow I will probably call in the morning/afternoon-ish sometime. I'm not really sure. I am not really sure what we are doing tomorrow so yeah.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love Elder Udy

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Hello Family,
This week has been pretty good. Yesterday I had an amazing experience. I told you about our investigator named Dolly Davis already I think. It was really cool though because yesterday E. Manwill and myself set a baptismal date with her. We planned on talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ that day which is faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. The first two went fine, but when we started talking about baptism you could tell that the spirit was really working hard on her and found a soft spot in her heart. We read Mosiah 18:8-11 and when she read verse 11 she was speechless and just stared at the book with the biggest smile on her face. We talked a little bit more about it and she explained to us that she was ready to change her life. Like the scripture said, she was ready to keep the commandments and come into the fold of Christ. The spirit hit us like a wall prompting us to extend a date to her. We did and she started crying so hard while covering her face. We sat there for like 5 minutes while she attempted to compose herself. Dolly went over to her calendar and marked the date wishing she had a brighter highlighter to make that day stand out even more. It was an amazing experience. Dolly has such a huge desire to be a part of the gospel, it's amazing. She still has a few word of wisdom issues, but she is trying extremely hard to get over it.

Oh, random thought. We tracted for 8.5 hours this week. The most I have done so far. Tracting is way fun. You meet so many cool people, but also some people that are super sketchy. One guy that we ran into this week was from England. He basically told us that he doesn't believe in god, because there is no scientific proof. He also told us to read some book by Christopher Hitchens. We pulled out our book and invited him to read it. Then we promised him that if he read and prayed about it he would know that god was there. He got super insulted by it and started talking about how Joseph Smith was a con-man or something. And talked about how the idea of finding the gold plates in a hole was an absurd lie.

Love you,
Elder Udy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

Hello Family,
Sorry I didn't email yesterday we didn't have a chance to do it. So we are doing it today...obviously.
My week has been pretty good. On Sunday, one of the wards had an amazing musical number.  The guy sang the version of O Holy Night that we hear every Christmas Eve from Robert Breault (I think that's his name). He did an amazing job, but at the part when he is supposed to go up to the really high note he just stayed at the same one. It was sad, but he had an amazing voice. It reminded me of Christmas Eve.
Glad you were able to go to the Messiah fireside. That would have been way fun. This will be the first year in 4 years that I haven't performed the hallelujah chorus. Kinda depressing, but oh well. How do the madrigals sound this year chad? Sorry I won't be able to do the alumni numbers with you this year, I am going to miss out for sure.
There is a gospel essentials class that we go to with our less actives and our investigators. Recently we started teaching the Hunter family who is less active in the ward. It's amazing to see how they have grown in faith since we started teaching them. They have been to church the past couple weeks and the dad has started reading on his own. He never reads the things that we leave him, but he is reading and we talk about what he reads in our lessons. Because of him, his kids are getting excited about the gospel as well. The daughter has some sort of minor mental disability so reading and praying are hard for her. The dad said that he was going to work with her on learning how to pray and practice with her. I hope that next lesson she will be able to say the opening or closing prayer. Funny story that happened. Hopefully I didn't tell you this already. We were saying the closing prayer and the family was fighting about who was going to say it and the little boy wanted to, but the dad said that it was his turn. So we started to pray and we sat there for a little while in silence and the next thing we here is the little boy saying: "Do you remember how to start?" It was the funniest thing ever! We laughed for like 5 minutes.
Last night I also had a way good experience with our investigator named Dolly. We weren't able to find a member to go with us to that lesson so we couldn't go in to teach her. (we aren't allowed to go inside unless there is another guy home) We did go and say hi to her at least though and SHE had us say a prayer for her and asked us to thank heavenly father for everything she has and her kids and asked us to pray for her to have strength to do well in her job interview today. I was the one she asked to say that prayer and I did my best. When I said amen, she looked at me with tears running down her face and thanked me and us for all we do for her. It was amazing! Also, the previous visit to this one we gave her a blessing that her tooth would stop hurting and I did my first sealing. That was scary to say the least. I probably failed at it, but I will get better...hopefully. She said she was feeling better within the next day or so though so I must have done something right.
Um, This last week was my first zone conference. That was pretty fun. It was an 8 hour meeting. President Morby gave us a Book of Mormon for Christmas. I have 4 copies now. woohoo. President Morby also did a lot of instruction on repentance and why, how, and what we are supposed to teach about it, because really that's what we are asking people to do. Repent and be baptized. We can all repent though for the things we do wrong. That's what the atonement is for and that's what we are sharing with people during this Christmas season for a thought.
I gotta go now, but check out The church is pushing it hard.
Love you lots
Elder Udy


Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hello family,

I think I know more people in the ward here than I do there just because missionaries have contact with all the ward members all the time. People always come up to us and say hello. It's like I'm important or something...weird.

I miss technology a lot. A member from the ward showed us his new iphone 5 that he got recently. It made me miss my phone, but oh well.

Lately, I have been working on teaching more simply instead of just talking about everything I know about a subject. It's really hard to do that sometimes, because I think of a topic and then in my head it's like I pull up a list of bullet points to go through. So sometimes I confuse people, because they don't understand one of the points and I move on and they get stuck on that point they were confused about. It's tough.

Did you have a chance to listen to the 1st presidency Christmas devotional? It was really cool and the music for that was way awesome. We took our investigator, Dolly Davis, with us and she loved it. As soon as she gets her kids back she will be baptized for sure. She has such a huge drive and motivation to learn as much as she can about the church, because she has been through a lot of crap in her life. Her husband is, for lack of a better word, a dirt-bag and is now in prison all the way in Texas. Long story how she ended up here, but I think heavenly father dropped her here with us for a reason.

Their are quite a few babies in our ward, but I would say mostly we have a lot of toddlers. They can be super funny sometimes. Also, here is the music we are singing in ward choir for Christmas.
The First Noel - Dan Forrest
If this child were born today - Poorman and Poorman
Baby, what you goin' to be - Natalie Sleeth
Star of Bethlehem - Natalie Sleeth
and the woman are singing: Were you there on that Christmas night?

Some good things are going on in the Willamette ward. Although, in the West Linn ward they want to do missionary work, but it feels like it is at the bottom of their priority list. They only have ward council once a month and nobody ever comes to our coordination meeting so nothing gets done. The last couple weeks we have reported all zeros. The Willamette ward is on fire on the other hand though.

Anyway, sounds like you had a good week. I love you all.
Elder Udy
 We did some service on Thanksgiving and found this mini bike cleaning out the garage.
What do you think of this suit?