Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11, 2012

Hello Family,
Sorry I didn't email yesterday we didn't have a chance to do it. So we are doing it today...obviously.
My week has been pretty good. On Sunday, one of the wards had an amazing musical number.  The guy sang the version of O Holy Night that we hear every Christmas Eve from Robert Breault (I think that's his name). He did an amazing job, but at the part when he is supposed to go up to the really high note he just stayed at the same one. It was sad, but he had an amazing voice. It reminded me of Christmas Eve.
Glad you were able to go to the Messiah fireside. That would have been way fun. This will be the first year in 4 years that I haven't performed the hallelujah chorus. Kinda depressing, but oh well. How do the madrigals sound this year chad? Sorry I won't be able to do the alumni numbers with you this year, I am going to miss out for sure.
There is a gospel essentials class that we go to with our less actives and our investigators. Recently we started teaching the Hunter family who is less active in the ward. It's amazing to see how they have grown in faith since we started teaching them. They have been to church the past couple weeks and the dad has started reading on his own. He never reads the things that we leave him, but he is reading and we talk about what he reads in our lessons. Because of him, his kids are getting excited about the gospel as well. The daughter has some sort of minor mental disability so reading and praying are hard for her. The dad said that he was going to work with her on learning how to pray and practice with her. I hope that next lesson she will be able to say the opening or closing prayer. Funny story that happened. Hopefully I didn't tell you this already. We were saying the closing prayer and the family was fighting about who was going to say it and the little boy wanted to, but the dad said that it was his turn. So we started to pray and we sat there for a little while in silence and the next thing we here is the little boy saying: "Do you remember how to start?" It was the funniest thing ever! We laughed for like 5 minutes.
Last night I also had a way good experience with our investigator named Dolly. We weren't able to find a member to go with us to that lesson so we couldn't go in to teach her. (we aren't allowed to go inside unless there is another guy home) We did go and say hi to her at least though and SHE had us say a prayer for her and asked us to thank heavenly father for everything she has and her kids and asked us to pray for her to have strength to do well in her job interview today. I was the one she asked to say that prayer and I did my best. When I said amen, she looked at me with tears running down her face and thanked me and us for all we do for her. It was amazing! Also, the previous visit to this one we gave her a blessing that her tooth would stop hurting and I did my first sealing. That was scary to say the least. I probably failed at it, but I will get better...hopefully. She said she was feeling better within the next day or so though so I must have done something right.
Um, This last week was my first zone conference. That was pretty fun. It was an 8 hour meeting. President Morby gave us a Book of Mormon for Christmas. I have 4 copies now. woohoo. President Morby also did a lot of instruction on repentance and why, how, and what we are supposed to teach about it, because really that's what we are asking people to do. Repent and be baptized. We can all repent though for the things we do wrong. That's what the atonement is for and that's what we are sharing with people during this Christmas season for a thought.
I gotta go now, but check out www.mormon.org/christmas. The church is pushing it hard.
Love you lots
Elder Udy


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