Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Hello family,

Unfortunately, Dolly was not able to keep her baptismal date due some felonies she has made in the past that we didn't know about. She has been talking to the bishop about it, but ya that is a story in itself. Crazy things are happening with her.

I did get your package last Monday night right after I emailed. I also got grandpas box. Be sure to thank him for me! I will send him some mail about it also though. I didn't get any mail from the stake clerk though. Oh duh, almost forgot. THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE MOM & DAD!!! I haven't opened it yet. I will tomorrow though. I'm excited. I did open grandma and grandpas box though, because they never told me not to wait until Christmas. HA HA!

GOOD! I'm glad chad is filling out his papers soon. He will love it. Tell him to start reading the BOM.  All the missionaries call it the bomb when talking with other missionaries. it's funny, but tell chad not to call it that until he gets here. Also, tell chad that he better send me a letter soon!!! I want one from him before the end of December!!!

Our sacrament meetings were both full of music. The best thing ever. I sang in both ward choirs even though I only went to one rehearsal in one of the wards. It was pretty easy stuff though. The director is a music major at some college so he made it fun, but also helped us sound good. Probably one of the best ward choirs I have been in. The average age was about 36.5. The other choir was a normal ward choir of old people. They were both fun though.

Umm tomorrow I will probably call in the morning/afternoon-ish sometime. I'm not really sure. I am not really sure what we are doing tomorrow so yeah.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love Elder Udy

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