Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hello Family,
That's super cool that Chad is going to Arkansas! The mission will be the best thing you ever do Chad. I Promise.

My new companion and I get along great. He is such a cool dude once you break him out of his shell. We are going to start doing an Ugly Tie Tuesday. That will be super fun.
This week we had the baptism of Chad. He is a great guy and has been meeting with missionaries for over a year. He finally entered the waters of Mormon though. He will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. I hate how he has to wait an entire week before that happens, because Satan is going to try his best to stop it this week. We will be having daily contact with him. I hope all goes well. I might be giving him the Holy Ghost so that will be fun to do in Sacrament meeting. This will be my second time doing it.
This week I went on an exchange with a brand new missionary. It was his first exchange ever! I took him tracting and talked with him about his mission thus far. I gave him some tips that helped me when I started, but I think I learned even more from him. He reminded me of when I first came out here. I saw where he was and where I am now and saw how far I have come. It was weird. We got ice cream while we were tracting though from a guy we gave a book of  Mormon to. He was really nice. I also gained an appreciation for my trainer and how amazing he was. I had an amazing trainer and I didn't realize it until he left. I think that I will write him soon.
Anyway, this was a good week. I can't wait and am super excited for Chad!
Love, Elder Udy

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