Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hello family,

Hmmm...well this week was interesting.

I will start I guess by telling you about our new investigator that we found to teach. Last Monday we were shopping and a guy named Cruz came up to us thinking that we were salesman for the store. We told him we were missionaries for the church. He then went on telling us about his belief in god and all his stories about being possessed by demons and stuff. He is very good at feeling the spirit. After he told us he agreed to take the lessons. We have taught him twice and he came to church. We will teach him again on Thursday. It was such an interesting experience with him. Also, it has been really cool to see him learn more about the church. He doesn't accept all the ideas every time, but he says that he feels the spirit when we teach him which is sweet.

Bob is still planning on being baptized on the 16th. He is such an awesome guy. Now that he has the tools and a foundation of the gospel I think as he continues learning I could see him being a future bishop one day. He has a thirst for knowledge and he realizes how simple and logical the gospel really is. He is married to a member and that's how he found the church. He is also very excited for his baptism. We took him to a baptism in another ward to show him what it was like. He didn't have many questions, which is good, because that means he understands. I am excited.

An experience that happened to me yesterday that was good and bad. We were talking with these members and after making a few connections with them I asked if they had any relatives that lived on Emerson Ave. They said no. I then tried to tell them which of our relatives lived there and I couldn't remember at all. That is a good thing, because that means that my mind is in doing missionary work. It is pretty obvious why it's a bad thing. I later remembered who it was. It is pretty weird, because just like that experience I can slowly feel my life at home fade away. Have you guys realized that I have been in this ward in West Linn longer than our ward at home?

Elder Lloyd and I are getting along great! It's funny because when Elder Manwill and I tracted we wouldn't usually go back and follow-up. We just wrote down the people that sounded interested in what we had to say. Now Elder Lloyd and I are basically going around to all of them and following-up to see if they read the BoM or whatever. There have been some people that possibly will end up taking the lesson, but none quite yet. A lot of stuff in the works.

What else happened...
I guess that is it. Umm thanks for the prayers.

OK bye

Love, Elder Udy

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