Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April 3, 2013

Hello family,
This week went pretty well. Nothing too much out of the ordinary, but something awesome happened. On Wednesday, we got a new investigator named Kevin. I think I might have written about him last week to you, but our lesson with him this week was awesome! The spirit was super strong. Funny how that happens when you bear testimony. On Friday he went to the water falls for fun all by himself and then he texted us and said that he got some answers. On Sunday we found out that he committed to be baptized on the 29th of June. That is going to be an awesome day!
Testimony is not just something that is powerful inside yourself, but I think of it has having piercing powers. When you bear testimony to others the spirit is able to take that testimony and pierce through hearts as hard as they may be. This week we were visiting some random people in our area book and we came across this guy named Jose. He opened the door and we explained what we were doing there and who we were and he almost immediately said he wasn't interested. Usually when people do that it is followed by a door shut or at least an action leading to a conclusion, but he just stood there as if he was waiting for something. I asked him if he had ever had a chance to read the Book of Mormon and he said no. Then I just started talking about it and bore testimony of it and I could just see him taking it all in. You could see the spirit pierce his heart with truth. I ended up giving him a copy and put our number in the front to call if he had questions. It's amazing how someone can have a change of heart like that right on the spot. Hopefully he will call us.
The mission president came to our district meeting last week. It was fun to see him.
Yesterday I went to a baptism in West Linn. I don't know if you remember me talking about Gigi ever, but she got baptized and is doing well. Although, I forgot to bring my suit coat to the baptism so I looked completely out of place while standing in the confirmation circle. Oh well.
Last Friday we had a spaghetti thing at the ward building along with a silent auction. It was to raise funds for the scout troops. One of the members gave us 10 dollars to bid on the homemade cookies that would be made and delivered to our house. I can't wait until those come! :)
There is a ton of excitement about the new missions being formed. I will stay in the Portland mission, unless I end up getting transferred in 2 weeks. There is only one transfer left until the change so that will determine where we end up.
Anyway, Love you all
Elder Udy

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