Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hello Family,
Well I am 21 now. It feels like an ordinary day. It's cool having your birthday on a P-Day and a transfer day as well. We met this morning for a zone breakfast. I haven't told anyone that today is my birthday. Although, my companion found out a couple weeks ago and near the end of the breakfast he remembered and blurted it out to everyone. Today we are planning on going to Goodwill. It's a store basically like Deseret Industries. We'll see if I find anything interesting.
Mom both you and grandma sent me the same thing. The 11 tips for missionaries thing. :) Those were awesome tips though. All of them are true and obedience is definitely something that we should strive for. Not only as a missionary, but when your not as well. D&C 82:10 is applicable to everyone wherever they are at in life.
This week was a pretty good week. Stats are not important (Chad), but they do tract your progress really well. This week we were able to increase ours. We didn't find any new investigators, but we did go on a blitz this week with some other missionaries and found some awesome potential investigators. Hopefully they will investigate after we emphasize the importance of our message. 
I read Alma 26 this week and if you haven't read it it's about Ammon when he is teaching his brothers. Ammon talks about how if it weren't for God being involved in the work, nothing would happen. That alone should be a reason to rejoice in God and to believe that he is real.
We did teach a bunch of less-active members this week and they came to church as well. We were able to find a bunch while tracting as well. It has been interesting bringing up these names in ward council of people that they have no clue about. Many of them have said to us that they would like to start coming back to church, they just have some things to work through. One lady stated, " This is the closest that I have ever been to coming back to church." That proves that the work is moving forward and that god has people prepared for us to find.
I am staying in Canby for another 6 weeks with the same companion (Elder Clark). Interesting fact: everyone in our zone is staying where they are.
I think that is about it.
Love, Elder Udy

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