Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

Hello Everyone!
It's the start of week three! Time has flown by so extremely fast I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday I just got here, but now I'm like a veteran at all this, minus the learning and teaching part. I am still below novice status at that. I loved conference soo much. It was the first time I ever have taken notes and it made it a lot better. Something that happened the Tuesday after conference (yesterday) was that we had a devotional. Elder David A. Bednar came and spoke to us. It was amazing! He spoke about conference and how he gets more out of it the second time around. He explained that when he goes back through he looks for three things: 1. Doctrine 2. Invitations 3. Blessings.
It was cool because during his talk we did just that. He played three segments from 3 of the talks from general conference, his own talk, Elder Ballard's, and Elder Eyring's. We went through and found the doctrines first time around, then watched all three again and found invitations, then played each a third time and found the blessings he promises me. When we found things he told us not to just write things down, but to make them applicable to my life. Also in his talk he explained that the age limit drop is because the lord is hastening his work in these last days. He didn't say it, but the lord is coming once again and he will continue to hasten his work. Everything that has been done is for a reason e.g., preach my gospel. One last thing he said was that the concluding remarks from President Monson aren't just to conclude general conference, but they have a much deeper meaning than that and when you listen to it and find doctrines, invitations, and blessings it means much more than just the surface.
I met a new missionary that came here from England. Guess what his name is!!! It's Elder Fagg. Hahahahahaha. Stop, its not nice to laugh at others. It was funny though because he knows what it means in America and has to explain it to people every time he introduces himself. Apparently in England a fagg is a cigarette, which in my opinion isn't much better.
Lately I have been whistling the song Come though Fount of Every Blessing non-stop! It is such an amazing song, I wish it was in the hymn book, but unfortunately its not.
We do this thing called TRC here which is when we get to teach investigators. Well they are employees hired to act like investigators. One of ours was named Alexandre Paul. He is from Haiti and is an incredibly knowledgeable man (Like dad) and after 4 baptisms we as a district were able to convert him.
My time is running short, but I am glad everyone is doing well up there. Make sure you pray for me Monday, because that's when I leave for Portland. Seems crazy that I am leaving already, but my time has come.
Love you all!
Elder Udy

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