Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hello family,

It's good to hear from you. Everything is going pretty well here. It sounds like your trip went well to Idaho. Sheldon still has a long time till he gets to the field though. I have learned 10x more in the field than I ever did in the MTC. You don't find out how to teach until you get here because nobody at the MTC knows how to be an investigator. One thing that I have learned is that as mormons we throw around terms like ordinances and commandments as if everyone knows what they mean. Everyone in the MTC already knows what they mean so they just go along with it.

Although having sisters in your district makes things a lot more fun, it makes things a little awkward I feel also. Because I'm not exactly sure how to talk to them using the missionary standards. They are kind of intimidating. I have to second guess everything I say to make sure that I am not breaking the rules. There is a fine line between flirting and fun.

My daily schedule is: 6:15 wake up, companionship prayer, personal prayer, exercise.
                                7:00 Get ready, shower, shave, etc.
                                8:00 Personal Study
                                9:00 Companionship study
                                11:00 Lunch
                                12:00 Proselyte
                                6:00 Dinner at members house
                                9:00 Daily Planning/Get ready for bed

For breakfast I have been eating coco-puffs every morning. Elder Manwill bought some waffles so maybe I will try some of those one day. Lunch we usually just eat more of a snack for 5 minutes and then E Manwill spends 55 minutes sleeping while I usually write letters to people. Which reminds me, I need to write grandpa back. Then dinner is whatever the member makes us. E. Manwill doesn't have a colon so he can't eat corn kernels. Unfortunately that means that members always make something other than corn for the vegetable part...

Yes, my shoes are working out great. E Manwill told me that there are a few things that he wishes he would have gotten for his mission and one of them was Ecco shoes. A bunch of people have them here and everyone says that they lasted them there whole mission if they take care of them. The other thing that E Manwill said he wishes he had gotten for his mission was European cut suits. He didn't care before he left about it, but being here he has developed a taste for fashion.

I do my laundry in our apartment. We have a dryer on top of the washer type deal. It's stored in the kitchen closet.

I had a deep discussion about the Holy Ghost with Elder Manwill. Basically he taught me that the Holy Ghost is going to eventually get a body as well and that he is a person just like we were in the pre-mortal life. Weird to think about right? D & C 130:22 I think. That doesn't mean that we should look forward to death. So stop planning your funeral! I still need you to be here when I get home and after that also of course.

The last thing I will say is that there is SOOOOO much rain here!!! It feels weird when it's not raining. And when it isn't raining you can just feel the humidity in the air.

Oh I thought of one more thing. My dandruff went away. I think it's because I shower everyday now...I guess mom was right after all...Who knew.

Anyway, Hope all is well. Love you

Elder Udy

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