Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hello Dad/Family,

This week was pretty cool. My companion is the district leader so on Thursday he went to a special meeting and I had the chance to be with the zone leaders (E. Davis and E. Perkins). They are way cool guys! I went and taught three lessons with them to some of their investigators/less actives. We were in a three-some. Also, I have some of the greatest news ever! Yesterday (Nov. 4) I had my first BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! We baptized a little girl named Emma. She is so cute and has a heart of gold. She was the first person I ever taught. The baptism was super awesome and the spirit was super strong there. I loved it so much and want to do it a million more times! I have pictures and I brought my camera, but I totally forgot my cable today. So next week I will send pictures.

Also, this week I had dinner at a members house and made an awesome connection with her. The mother there went to elementary school with Aunt Margaret. Her name is Amanda Capener (pronounced Cape-ner) I didn't ask for the correct spelling. Way cool to, because she pulled out a picture of her.

Those are basically the highlights of the week. So I'll answer your questions. Yes I wear my raincoat, but only when it's raining noticeably. Meaning that there is constantly mists of rain here when you walk outside. You can't get away from it.

Our primary programs were the first week I was here. This last week was stake conference. We listened to Quintin L. Cook speak. Apparently everyone in Oregon has stake conference on the same day. Weird right?

Our investigators are in different spots right now. There is one couple that I will tell you about. Their names are Kasey and Eva. They live together, but aren't married and have two kids. Kasey isn't baptized and Eva is a Less active. Kasey wants to be baptized really bad, but he can't because he is breaking the law of chastity by living with Eva...way sad! Kasey wants to get married also and said that he received his answer to marry Eva. Eva on the other hand says she is still waiting for a sure sign that she should be married. She has been married before and got a divorce and she says the reason she isn't married now is, because she thinks it's easier this way if things go wrong. We told her to pray about it obviously and explained how to receive answers, but she is still waiting. We also read the conference talk called "start moving" with them that talks about how if you start on a path god will correct you if it's wrong, but if you just sit there and wait god can't direct you.

It's true, we have been very blessed as a family and I know that is, because we have been faithful to the teachings of Christ. When we do what he says, we are blessed.

I haven't eaten all my candy yet. I have to ration it, because I didn't get any on Halloween. It's alright though. I can only imagine how many people came to our house this year. We are in one of those flat, highly populated areas. I bet you were happy to have smarties left, right dad? Nobody came to our door cause we are in an apartment.

Anyway, Love you all. Bye

Elder Udy

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