Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012


Last week I had to mail on Tuesday, because the libraries were closed due to Veterans Day.

Good to hear that you are doing alright.  Something that I found out is that a couple weeks before I came here, one of the apostles came and spoke to the Portland mission and blessed us with good health. Way cool right?

Sundays are always really loooong. We are at church for about 8-9 hours. Two sacrament meetings with choir in between the two, coordination meeting in the morning, and every other week we have ward council before coordination. It's always a really long day, but this week we had three investigators come to sacrament. super cool. Sometimes the meetings are kinda boring, actually usually they are just like at home. They can be interesting when you pay attention though. After the first sacrament meeting I kinda get tired of just sitting there, but oh well.

I guess I should tell you about the baptism, because it was crazy! We showed up at the church to set up and we found out that the church got double booked with another baptism. Such a Fail! We had to sorta splice the two programs together and the room we did it in wasn't big enough to hold all the people that showed up. I felt really bad for Linda, because it was supposed to be her special day. She still cried for most of the meeting with joy, but still. I had to stand outside the room to free up some seats for others. I still heard though and the spirit was super strong. It was awesome because she wanted to be baptized sooo bad even though she has cancer and is recovering from chemo. Here is a picture.

Also this week we did companionship study with E. Call and E. Wilson at our apartment. My comp. and I had to leave suddenly and the other two elders decided to stay at our apartment to finish their studies. When we came home that night, they had taped a bunch of ties to the ceiling of our apartment. Also, they took a bunch of random pictures of them playing around inside while we were gone. It was funny to come back to. A few days later they came back and cleaned it up luckily. I'll attach pictures.

That's about all that happened. I'm excited for the package. Mail is the best here!

Love you all

Elder Udy

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