Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012

Hello Family,

I'll start by attaching some pictures since I remembered my cable.
This is of  Elder Manwill, my current companion, and me sitting in our apartment.
This is me sitting outside our apartment door. Those pumpkins are the ones we carved a few weeks ago. Mine is the one with only one face.
The next one is of our baptism day. Emma is so cool. The adults in the picture are her grandparents. We taught Emma at  their house. Her parents are divorced. and her mom is less active. The dad isn't a member, but after the baptism he came up and thanked us for helping teach her.

These last two are of our area a little bit. This week we didn't have a car, because it was in the shop for repairs. We did a ton of walking and around here there are so many hills that I have to climb it wasn't very fun. One of our appointments was a 1 hr 40 minute walk away. That was fun. We got our car back on Friday though luckily. Those pictures I took during that walk. As you can see there are a ton of trees everywhere just like that. All different colors really close together like that. The picture that is of the valley sorta. Our appointment was across the freeway that you see there.

Oh, duh something cool that is happening right now. I'm actually on an exchange with Elder Wilson right now. I am serving in Wilsonville just for today. We are going to be teaching two lessons to some of their people. It will be cool to get a new perspective on how teaching can be done. I found a way cool scripture the other day that I highlighted a lot. Ether 12:27...Look it up. That's something else that you can send me also. I am tired of only marking my scriptures with my boring red pencil. I known that they have fun colors at Deseret Book. Could you send me some?

I can tell you about this week also. Something fun that I am doing Saturday is having a BAPTISM!!! Her name is Linda Compton. She is 62. I'll tell you more next week.

As you know, we are only allowed to listen to hymns and Motab. I have been introduced to some awesome songs that rock bands have made with the hymns. There is this sweet group called Eclipse that has an amazing version of God is Love and All creatures of our God and King. Chad would love them! You should definitely look them up.

Also, for chad, I was at dinner and when I got there the two kids were totally playing WoW. I was going to talk with them about it, but I decided it probably wasn't the most spiritual topic to bring up.

Next week I will send pictures of other things, but I can only send so many in an email.

Love you all,

Elder Udy

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