Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hello family,

Did I ever tell you that I went to a wedding? It was a couple of weeks ago, but yeah I went to a wedding in the chapel. The husband is going to be our new investigator. We are going to start teaching them this Sunday. I am super excited, because he seems like a solid investigator. I know that she is already in contact with the bishop.

I am glad that you are going out with the missionaries mom. It's fun, right? What kinds of things have your learned from it? Anything? Also, it's super awesome that you are willing to go out with them, because we try and find members to come to our lessons all the time and people always seem to have an excuse. We do have a boss priests quorum that is usually willing to come out with us. There is this kid Noah Staskiewicz (stu-ska-vitch) I know the pronunciation is weird. It's Finnish. Noah is super funny though. He talks non-stop and one time he related Christ to the sith lord. Totally as a joke, because he has a strong testimony, but it was super funny. Also, his family is super supportive of the missionaries. Bro. Staskiewicz makes super good cookies and he always texts us to come over and get some when he makes them. Also, he found a random white shirt in his house that didn't fit anybody in his house so he gave it to me. It was my size except the sleeves were a bit long. Super cool though. Also, Noah has the exact same sweater that I do. The one from Old Navy that has pink, black, and white stripes on it. I told him that we should match one day, but I don't have mine. I don't think it's worth it for you guys to send it. So don't worry about it.
Alright one last thing about their family that is actually missionary related. The daughter is married and pregnant. She is due next month. Her husband is about 28 I think and is not a member. Before I got here he heard lesson one. We haven't taught him since, but hopefully something will come from that before I leave.

Aw I love Cheesecake! I haven't had any of that since coming out here.That's alright though. I will soon hopefully. Maybe one day someone will serve it for dinner. All the members always have dessert for us when we go to eat. Most of the time it's brownies and ice cream which I have no complaints about. Although this week a member made this amazing cake pie stuff. The crust was crushed up Samoa girl scout cookies and then there was a layer of this caramelized filling stuff, then ice cream and on top was whipped cream. You would have loved it mom!

I'm glad that you got the picture from the Rasmussen family. They are pretty cool people. She is the lady that knows Aunt Margaret. That night she told me that she messaged her on facebook, but their was no reply so maybe Aunt Margie doesn't remember her. Oh well.

Our high councilman spoke also on Sunday. He was a former bishop and his talk was super good. Basically his talk was about hope. He explained that without hope we have nothing. Also, that you shouldn't hold a grudge against others. He was born to be a preacher.

I'm glad I am avoiding all of the Snow. There is none here. It's 30 degrees and EVERYONE is complaining about the coldness.

I gotta go, but I love you all!
Elder Udy

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