Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22, 2012

Hello family,

I am doing fine.

Trying to think about what I did this week...


Lets see...

Aww yes. I remember now. NOTHING happened this week. All of our lessons, but 1, cancelled. We didn't meet our tracting goal and one of our investigators we found out is starting to meet with the Jehovah's Witnesses, because he can't be baptized until he gets married or moves out of his girlfriends house. Neither of which he wants to do.

I guess I should say something positive though also. Elder Manwill had a leadership meeting this week so I had to go to another area to be with someone else all day. I ended up spending the day teaching with a missionary that I came out with. Wow, I learned that I actually know a lot more than I think I did. He wanted me to plan out the lessons for both the investigators they had lessons with that day. He said he didn't really know what to do. Elder Manwill is training me super well and has really taught me a lot. I am just always with him learning so I don't really get to see what other missionaries are doing. It's crazy. Something that Elder Manwill has told me to do that has really helped me learn the lessons and has improved my teaching is to start a study journal. Basically I went through and summarized all the lessons and wrote down all the scripture references in Preach My Gospel and then write a description of them. It helped me connect different scriptures to the different topics and also got me more familiar with them. Also, by writing them down it enables you to find them when your planning your lessons much quicker.

Hmm...what else. OH WAIT DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I remembered something awesome that happened. I went to High School to teach a class. A girl in the ward was doing a presentation on Mormonism and so she asked us if we could be her visual aid. First of all, she was the only member in the class, which is much different than Utah. All we did was answer any questions the class had about Mormonism. That was super fun and hopefully we were able to clear up any misconceptions they might have had. The other people in the girls group weren't mormon and so when they created their slides for their powerpoint the member had to make a lot of adjustments. People need to go to the original source before they make judgments and statements. We find misinformation a lot. 

Hmm alright, one more thing that I just thought of to tell you is that Elder Manwill and I were asked to sing in sacrament meeting since we were both in the ward choir which, by the way, they are still doing. We asked the choir director to find us a sweet version of Lead, Kindly Light also we wanted to do it in a quartet. We haven't started practicing yet, but I guess that they found a song for us.

Love you all,

Elder Udy

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