Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

Hello Family,

Yesterday I went to transfer meeting to see what was going on in the mission. Normally that would be disobedient, but the stake center that it's held in is in our district and E. Manwill is the district leader so he gave himself permission to go. I know I have mentioned E. Call before, but he got transferred out yesterday along with his companion E. Wilson. The area was whitewashed and now a brand new elder is being trained there. It's weird to think that I am not the youngest missionary in the district anymore. It sorta makes me a little bit prideful, but I do know that I have a ton still to learn. I met the brand new guy yesterday and you could describe him as "deer in the headlights". I remember that feeling and to see somebody else have it now is crazy. I just want to tell him everything that I have learned and prepare him of want is to come for him. Anyway, it's super exciting. Also, there is a set of sisters in our district that went from two to three. Trio's are weird. There was a reason that Heavenly Father said that missionaries are to preach the gospel two by two. Another thing about that though is now there are 5 sisters and only 4 elders in the district. WE ARE OUTNUMBERED!!! Oh well. At the transfer meeting, President Morby talked about fore ordination.  And about how we were all fore ordained to be missionaries here in this mission at this exact time during the Pre-Mortal Life. Craziness! We also watched the end of the greatest talk about missionary work ever given by an apostle from Elder Holland. It happened at the MTC a while ago. It talked about leaving your nets behind and that if you truly love Christ you will truly be a disciple of him.
This is E. Manwill and me having dinner at the Rasmussens.
Umm. Not much else is going on other than E. Manwill and I broke our goal of tracting last week. We did 11 hours. That was exciting. OH! Also, today was the first day that I finished my 12 Week program.

Lets seeee........................................I think that's about it.
Love, Elder Udy

Oh wait, I guess I should tell you that this is my last transfer with E. Manwill. In 6 weeks, I will get a new companion.
Emerson sent pictures from last week. You can see them in last weeks post.

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