Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hello Family,

Well this week was kinda bad until general conference came around. Yes, I was able to watch it. It was funny because on Saturday we watched it at our assistant ward mission leaders house while he was out of town. It was just Elder Lloyd and I for both Saturday sessions. On Sunday, we went to our recent converts house to watch, and then we went to a less actives house for the other session. Both were awesome. There were a lot of good talks. The main ideas that I heard were: missionary work, keep the commandments/obedience, and marriage. I guess people need to start keeping the commandments more. Hope you are doing it! :) I really loved Elder Hollands talk on Sunday afternoon.  Elder Holland is my favorite apostle I decided. He always talks in a way I can understand and follow. You can just tell that he loves the Lord and he shows it in every talk. I think that every talk I have heard him give is somehow related to love, which is great!

We do have some investigators right now, but they aren't really progressing at all. Most of them are people that we tracted into. We should be getting a new investigator here pretty soon. That would be great.

Something cool happened though this week. We were contacting some part member families and we went to this one house and found out that the people we were looking for had moved. We then started talking to the people that lived there and gave them a Book of Mormon. We didn't get any information as to who they were, which was our bad. After like three days, I think, we had a member come up to us and tell us that they got a text from there friend who said that some people from there church showed up at there house. Hahahaha it was the same lady that we talked to and gave a Book of Mormon to. That was sweet. Funny how the lord works.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week here in West Linn. We don't have to wear our suit coats anymore since it is after conference. I worked out a system. My nice suit that we just barely bought when I came out is the one I wear to meetings and church and such. The one I already owned is the jacket that I wear when I am out doing stuff. Remember that we bought 4 pairs of tracting pants? 1 gray, 1 blue, and 2 black. I have been wearing the black ones up to this morning every other day switching off because they match the black suit. Now that I don't have to wear the jacket I don't want to wear the pants alone or they will fade during the summer months and then they won't match the suit in October. So for the next 6 months I will wear the gray and blue pants since they don't match either jacket.

I think that's all that I have to say this week. I love you all and I am grateful for a wonderful family that was able to help me come out on a mission. It's great. You all are great.

Love, Elder Udy

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