Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hey there family,

This week has been pretty great actually. We were able to teach 9 lessons this week. A bunch were to less active people, but some were to investigators. We set an official baptism date for June 2 with one of our investigators. That was sweet.

Lisa Hogan is someone that works at a care center here in West Linn. She said that she recognized me and I thought that her name sounded familiar. I had no idea where from though. Elder Lloyd and I were going to try and volunteer there once a week, but that was a bust. They needed a criminal background check and I had to pay for that to take place.

Last Pday we played tennis which was awesome. Then, we were supposed to go laser tagging with some members, but it turns out they are closed on Mondays. Instead we played kickball. Rugby is alright to play as long as you play Two-hand touch. Tackling is a no go on the mission.

On Tuesday, I had an interview with the mission president. It went super well. He told me that I had improved a ton since I came in. He said that I had a ton more confidence and that I have great potential in the mission. It was awesome. President Morby it such an amazing guy. The interview I had with him this week really lifted me up. Instead of interview it felt more like bonding time...sorta.

I also went to the temple on Friday. It was a great experience as well. We had a member drive us that had returned home from his mission two weeks ago. I didn't know him before he left obviously, but I could tell that he cherished every minute of his mission. He served in Pocatello, Idaho.

Today we had a member drive us to silver falls. It was a 7 mile hike and was super pretty. You would have loved it mom! I will send pictures.

This next picture is for you dad.

Oh, one more thing. Transfer calls are this Saturday so I might be emailing from a new area next week or maybe a new mission.

Love you all, Elder Udy

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