Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello family,

This week was so much fun! We had a lot of cool miracles. Being a district leader is the best thing I have ever done on my mission. I get to hear about all the awesome miracles and hear how much The Lord is truly aware of what we do. It's crazy to see how much the work can change when we do what is right and stay positive and diligent.

I went on an exchange this week with our zone leaders which was super fun. I went into their area and we taught a bunch of people from the Marshall Islands. It was pretty fun, because their English is limited. Thus, we were able to just be super bold and direct and just tell them how it is and what they need to do. You can't do that with white people or else they would get offended. Also, the one that came here with my companion (Elder Plessinger) had his first experience being on bike ever. He has been out for 20 months so it's crazy that he has never ridden a bike. Also, when I was over there it turns out that an investigator that I had while I was in West Linn moved to their area and they went over and met them for the first time, but I had already met them so it was super easy for me to break the ice with them. I already knew her family so it was like I already knew them so I just introduced the new missionary to them. It was really sweet to see them again and to talk about the family.

We have an investigator named Malik. He is such a cool guy. We went over to his house everyday this week and then he came to church this Sunday. The ward all came up and said hi to him and now he wants to bring his family to church. Too bad it's general conference... That's alright though. He is so much fun though and he is really nice to everyone.

That's about it this week. Thanks for the prayers.

Love, Elder Udy

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