Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hello Family,
My poison oak is pretty much healed all the way, but I think the scars with be there for a while. You could see the poison oak on my skin as it was totally elevated and red. The steroids that the doctor prescribed helped a ton. The drug seemed to make my skin dry and killed a lot of the skin that was infected. Now it just looks like newly healed skin.
A really cool miracle happened this week with us. Even though we didn't do much teaching, which we are working on, the Lord used us as instruments. On Wednesday we had our lesson cancel and our backup plan didn't work so we were trying to figure out what we should do. Elder Awtry asked if there was anyone that we needed to follow up with. I don't know how I thought of it, but for some reason I said that we should go follow up with some members in the ward that we had seen a few weeks ago. We had eaten dinner there and did some role-playing with them to try and get them out of there comfort zone. When we arrived there we asked if we could come in and follow up with there missionary work. The family gathered and shared some of their efforts with us. As we were leaving the father walked out with us and told us about a 7 step program the bishop showed him to help his missionary work. He had just finished the program and prayed to ask "what should I do now?" Right as he did we rang the doorbell. Good timing right? Pretty cool.
This week our new convert Kevin got a calling as a young single adult leader. Also, he received the priesthood. Pretty cool. Loren, our other recent convert, is preparing for the priesthood and for a calling. He brought his daughter to church this last week for the first time as well. I hope that we can teach her soon.
You should be glad that in Utah weeds don't usually have thorns. In Oregon, when people say weeding they usually mean tear out blackberry bushes. They are everywhere in Oregon and dominate all plants in there path. We spent a few hours tearing those out of a rose garden this week. Also, We haven't had rain here in like 2 weeks or so which is weird. It has been in the high 70's with lots of humidity.
We also had dinner with a family that the parents weren't members. That was fun. I always feel that when I am in those situations that I have to be extra careful as to what I say.
I think that is about it this week.
Love, Elder Udy

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